Nathan + Sunnie | Kirkland Maternity Session

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a maternity session for my sweet friend Sunnie of Sunnie Style Studio and her husband Nathan. (Side note, she is one of the most talented makeup and hairstylists I’ve ever met – but I digress, another post for another time.)

When I arrived at their home, it was a typical dreary Washington day. Inside everyone was getting ready, and I mean everyone including Teddy, the sweetest Pomeranian you’ve ever met. He insisted on looking his best for the affair.

Regardless of the weather outside, beautiful light poured in through the windows for this indoor lifestyle maternity session. Afterwards we headed into downtown Kirkland for a fun stop at Lady Yum | Macarons & Mischeif. Nathan and Sunnie, being the amazing couple that they are, treated me to my very FIRST macaron! (How I missed this trend I’ll never know, but fear not, I am fully informed and on board now!) We ended the shoot on a walk down by the Kirkland waterfront enjoying the view and snapping a few more shots before heading home.

It was so much fun to witness and photograph these two from the moments of surreal reality to the quiet and sweet anticipation they share. Its truly remarkable and beautiful. Almost there you guys, just a little longer…

Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-7Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-8Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-12Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-25Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-32Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-33Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-42Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-45Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-23Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-54Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-55Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-57Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-62Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-63Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-68Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-65Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-73Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-74Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-79Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-78Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-77Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-82Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-90Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-95Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-100Nathan + Sunnie Maternity-104


Another Martin Baby

A few months ago, eight-ish to be exact, I received an inquiry through my  website.

Name: Annie Martin
Comment: Hello.  My husband and I were hoping to inquire about pricing for maternity shoots.  Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience with a pricing plan and availability?

Thank you.”

I read it. Then I read it again. And again. Then I squealed. Then I cried. Then I realized I was still at my desk at work.

Jeremy is my brother and Annie is my sister-in-law. And these two people that I love dearly are about to become – parents.


Jeremy is one of the most kind and generous human beings on the planet. He is my brother, been my protector, is my friend. He’s been there as a brother ought to be. I respect him immensely. He’s also kind of a genius. *(It took me two tries to spell “genius” correctly.)


And Annie, what to say about Annie. Um, she’s freaking hilarious and as you can see a “realist”!V86A3626V86A3639V86A3650

Annie is one of the most genuine and beautiful people I know. She cares deeply about people and how to love them well. If you have an exciting event in your life, she’ll have a card or care package already in the mail for you. She’s that person. She is also one of the most adventurous souls out there, so much so that she’s even started a blog blogging her travels all over the world. You should really check it out here.  And just like she’s delved into those adventures, I have every confidence she’ll tackle this next adventure well with hilarious stories and amazing memories in the making. I’ve always told her, she will be that “fun mom”.


She also doesn’t necessarily like having her picture taken…and I might get in trouble for these next two…


…but that’s what you get when I said “smile” and you don’t. Did I mention she’s hilarious? She can make me laugh harder than just about anyone I know.


There is a deep excitement and respect I’ve felt watching my two other brothers and their wives step up to the plate of parenthood. I know these men and their wives. Their kids are blessed.

So it is with Jer and Annie. As their sister, I’ve been blessed and impacted by them. I know their little one is receiving a great treasure to have them as parents to raise him.

I love you both and I am BEYOND excited to meet your son.



Flower In A Bottle | Inspiration Shoot

Yesterday my dear friend gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from Pikes Place Market. I have two overflowing vases but I wanted to just capture one little pretty sprig that fit in this little bottle…a fun afternoon playing with my camera and enjoying this sweet gift. Flower in  bottle-016Flowersets1flowerset4 Flower in  bottle-055Flower in  bottle-036